World’s first mobile mounting system with removable power bank and flashlight

PLACE, CHARGE & GOWorld’s first removable Powerbank and Flashlight smartphone mount

Soon in kickstarter
Soon in kickstarter

Bike mount

Mobile stand for car


Mobile support

Running belt

Mobile support


Mobile support

Car mount

Cellphone support
Highly resistant and secure mount Horizontal & vertical rotation
Soon in kickstarter
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos 2500 mAh removable
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos 240 lumen
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos Universal
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos No specific
case needed
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos IP 65 | rain &
dust resistant
V03.01.LandingPage.Logos Lightweight
70gr mount | 90gr battery
Aiklo's mount includes a flashlight to light up your way and keep you safe
Recharge your phone wherever you are with our removable power bank! Integrated cable for mobile charging (Micro USB / TypeC / Lightning connector)
The easiest and fastest smartphone mounting system on the market
Unique licensed mounting system
Patent granted
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